First Blog Entry

I’m so excited to finally have my website up and running.  Many of you know that this has been an 8 year grueling process.  Patience finally paid off, thanks to my darling husband.  What a great birthday present!  Prepare for my ramblings, sometimes about massage, food, resturants, life in general, favorite websites, updates on the massage shack, my pregnancy, and my darling daughter.

Speaking of, my due date is June 26th, we are expecting a little girl. We have decided to name Ella Jo.  We can’t wait to meet her.  I’m hoping she is a sleeper, unlike her older sister.  One can wish!!  I can’t believe almost 6 months have gone by.  This pregnancy is nothing like the first.  There is no time to fawn all over myself,  rubbing Shea butter on my belly, and turning up classical music to make the  kid smarter in utero.  No trips to get pedicures, or meditations on how peaceful I will make the birth.  Lucky for me I already read every book available about pregnancy and “What to Expect” talk about scaring yourself.  This time around it is straight up survival.  With a one year old running about I’m lucky to get food in my mouth.  I do love the age my daughteris at now.  She loves exploring, pushing boundaries, interacting with everyone, dancing jigs, learning to jump, sign language, swimming, and getting massages.  She gets 2 massages a day!  Lucky girl!

It’s time for bed, as you new parents out there know sleep is the drug of choice.  5 am sneaks up on you quickly.  In the words of my father in law “choosing to be a parent is the most sincere form of optimism in our future.” So this one goes out to all my fellow optimist. Until next time.

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