Maximum Five Spoiler notification ahead for a few details about Five. Read at your own discretion.

Maximum Five Spoiler notification ahead for a few details about Five. Read at your own discretion.

Spoiler alerting ahead for most details about Five. Browse in your own wisdom.

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Hector Nieves was a 15-year-old Mexican-American that’s best friends with Miko. He or she works at Hinobi’s stock in which he’s also a Glitch technical user to battle and shoot problems. He is a far more puzzle-oriented player when compared with Miko normally creates the ideas and strategies to attack bugs, generating him the minds to Miko’s brawn.

Five grew up by their daddy, Emilio, for much of his own youth. He or she spent my youth enjoying online games, and also this passion for gaming systems got supported and inspired by his dad who’d often wait with him beyond the Hinobi shop for choosing a new liberates. His or her pops would simply take Five to Geri’s classic computer game stock every day after faculty. As he got escort girls Raleigh NC 5 to 6 yrs . old, they worked hard that can help his daddy boost funds by doing a lot of tasks, such as working on his Papi’s snacks vehicle, in making a reservation to possess their birthday party at Joystick Jr, however it had been regrettably destroyed by the absence of the Ralphie keep animatronic. It’s also reported that Five would escort his own father to focus consistently.

It isn’t defined once, but before the parties with the collection, four’s father would be arrested for hacking a security system. Proceeding that, Five began managing their grandparents and supporting these with the meals car further. Luckily, their grand-parents additionally supporting his love for games. They even voluntarily grabbed Five around the Hinobi break tournament whenever they found he’d was given a bracelet that mentioned he had been among the best gamers when you look at the urban area.


Extreme Five try a good and caring man who loves enjoying on-line computer games and can do anything to realize his goal, never ever stopping. Commonly Five aspects most of us but isn’t nervous to stand doing other individuals as he seems it’s necessary to accomplish. While Five is typically reasonable and liable, as soon as under pressure and stress (or a strong emotion ordinarily), he comes to be careless and doesnt consider situations entirely out or unmistakably. When afraid or anxious, hell actually begin to over-think situations to get trapped within his brain.

Five comes with a tendency to be afraid the unidentified, once given work, he or she is typically reluctant to fail it, trusted men and women like Mitch to maneuver him or her wrong. Five often gets jammed within his personal mind, incapable of behave in the minutes, his attention as well complete to look the exact distance.

As soon as seven really does leave his or her own head, he is able to getting the puzzle of any game along, like in “palace spider” as he kept those plunder obtained in the case he would have to have things after. Their programs seldom are unsuccessful, and once his own intuition catch-up, he’s probably the most harmful problem specialists around.

While Five is a person that prefers to assume before he works, once aggravated with good emotions just like rage or panic, he can come to be spontaneous and often will jump on men and women or perhaps even occasionally, though seldom, readjust their ram intentionally or on accident.

Five furthermore displays a desires to stick to and continue with the laws but isn’t afraid, albeit timid, to stop these people. Five can also be demonstrated to sit occasionally keep on his own and good friends from getting in problems in order to win over other folks. And sometimes those deception receive him or her into troubles and will eventually render a predicament severe as displayed in “the actual problem Techs”.


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He can be high, quite slender, and contains somewhat darkish bronze surface. He’s a bloated hair do with an universe blueish-purple/indigo tint, alongside slender legs and arms.

In his informal use, the guy can usually remain visible wear a green graphic top with a black colored shoulder size top below. In addition, he sports gray thin denims and a pair of Hinobi sneakers. Occasionally the guy wears a green hoodie with the numbers “5” on it. On some other affairs, he can remain visible sporting some other shirt within the visual green top instance a yellow one out of “SPROUTS” as well as a flashback in “compilation search”. In “Ralphie Bear”, seven can be viewed having on a white Ralphie keep themed tee. Five is noticed donning a yellow hoodie with “05” about it quite briefly any time Miko was looking for him or her with Lexi’s phone-in “age Hinobi”

While doing work in the Hinobi stock, his or her clothes continues to be the equivalent except the guy dons a green Hinobi polo shirt over his black color bend amount top in the place of one of his true visual shirts.

Four could be viewed dressed in a regular Hinobi techie help jumpsuit, and then he is also viewed using bug computer armor as soon as their tech gauntlet is actually triggered.


Miko happens to be seven’s lover and one of his own best friends. They likes driving your time with her at work and from it, plus they usually bring games collectively. He’s a great deal of have faith in their: no matter if Mitch brought up she can be a glitch with a sound assertion when you look at the episode “discover the Glitch”, Five argued that it didn’t point because he would manage believing this lady.