Prenatal Massage

This is an exciting time! Your body is changing and soon your life.  Prenatal massage eases tension on your hips, lower back, and shoulders.  Your body is working hard to nurture life.  Take the time to bond with your baby and pamper yourself.


Hot Stone Massage

On cold dreary days here in Seattle nothing is better than a Hot Stone massage.  Basalt stones are heated up and placed different areas of the body like your hands, feet and toes.  The heat of the stones help to melt away built up tension, and detoxify the body.  Cocoon yourself in the tranquility and warmth of  […]

Hot Rock 2


Sole-fully yours.  Like a road map to the rest of your body your feet are the focus for this treatment.  Pressure is applied to specific sites of the feet and hands, clearing areas of tension and congestion.  In my practise reflexology is often integrated with other treatments. Come sooth your sole.



This ancient technique uses essential oils, extracted from different herbs, flowers, woods, fruits, and roots.  Each oil has its own beneficial properties and is blended with lotion and a base oil uniquely for you.

Swedish Massage

This technique emphasizes that all strokes move towards the heart…  Swedish massage stimulates circulation of the blood through soft tissue increasing metabolic proccesses.  This classic technique is a great way to nurture yourself back to health.


Deep Tissue Massage

A technique used to work the deep layers of the musculature.  Deep tissue helps with chronic muscle pain, injury, rehabilitation, and reduces inflammation related pain.  This technique is often integrated with other massage techniques.

Deep Tissue

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

Ashi=foot, atsu=pressure.  This ancient Eastern technique turned Western modern is performed on a massage table, not the floor.  I use parallel bars suspended from the ceiling for balance, hence oriental bar therapy.  Clean bare-feet are used to apply even deep pressure over the body.  This work is great for people who love deep tissue work but […]


Postural Therapy

A series of  10 sessions designed to balance and align the soft tissue of the body.  Each session builds on the last with a specific focus and goal.  This therapy is effective for rebalancing the body after accidents or injuries, where the body has created misalignments due to scar tissue and adhesions.


Cupping is the anti-gravity massage.  It’s great for lifting scar tissue, adhesion, and realigning fascia tissue.

massage cupping